Chelsea news: Tuchel send warning message to Chelsea players ahead FA cup and Champions league final

Thomas Tuchel Sends Message to Chelsea Squad Ahead of Premier League, FA Cup and Champions League Run-In

Chelsea can’t afford to rest heading into the final five games of the season, insists head coach Thomas Tuchel.

With the 2020/21 campaign coming to a close at the end of the month, Chelsea still have plenty to fight for; on the verge of sealing a top four spot as well as two finals to play against Leicester City and Manchester City in the FA Cup and Champions League final, respectively.

Tuchel’s side have three league games left against Arsenal, Leicester and Aston Villa, as they edge closer to European qualification following their 2-1 win over Man City on Saturday evening.

The German’s impact at the club since arriving in January has been impressive. Quite the turnaround which sees the Blues as a real threat and on the verge of their, arguably, best season since the 2012 Munich triumph. But Tuchel isn’t letting his side take the foot off the pedal just yet.

What Thomas Tuchel said

“It feels like every game is a decisive game because, in all competitions, we have to fight hard to fulfil our goals, to reach our goals and dream.

“We take it how it is. It is not a disadvantage and I like the atmosphere and spirit. The context of the games is that we are constantly under pressure. The team is living up to it in an impressive way and we have to keep on going.

“Now that we have caught this momentum and worked so hard for it. Our job is not done in the FA Cup, Champions League or Premier League. We are in the middle of it and have to keep on going.”

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