Breaking news:Former Chelsea defender have signed 4years deal with flamingo

After an illustrious career in Europe stretching
nearly a decade and a half and almost 600
appearances, Hero of Munich 2012 David Luiz
has decided to return to the motherland, and has
joined defending Brazilian Serie A champions
Flamengo on a 16-month contract that runs
through December 2022.
Nascido em Diadema, ele rodou o mundo
e ficou acostumado a vencer, vencer e
vencer, assim como diz o nosso hino. O
povo clamou, o coração balançou e
agora ele vestirá rubro-negro. Maior
Torcida do Mundo, @DavidLuiz_4 é o
novo jogador do Mengão! Seja bem-
vindo! #DavidLuizNoMengo
— Flamengo (@Flamengo) September
11, 2021
David “Geezer” Luiz is No.59 on our all-time
appearances list with 248 across two stints,
from 2011-14 and then again from 2016-19. In
addition to the key role he played in our 2012
Champions League-winning campaign, including
on that famous May 19th night in Munich, he
also won the Premier League (2016-17), the FA
Cup (2012, 2018), and the Europa League
(2013, 2019) in Chelsea blue. He also beat
Chelsea a couple times while at PSG, but we
won’t hold that against him, just like he never
held Sergio Agüero’s “five-second-angry”
against him.
Sideshow Dave left Arsenal this past summer
upon the expiration of his contract, and while he
would have preferred to continue in Europe,
Flamengo apparently made a very enticing offer,
and so he will now link up with his good friend
and Chelsea loanee Kenedy instead. Flamengo
have one of the strongest squads in South
America, which should give David the opportunity
to add to his already impressive silverware
collection (21 trophies all told; not bad for the
10-year-old behind the Playstation controller).
All the best, David, and thanks for all the
entertainment! Keep enjoying the life!

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