Just in: Chelsea are set to offer Dortmund new bill for haaland in January

“They had in plan to try again and find a solution but Borussia Dortmund were always the same like Sancho last summer. They were asking €175m because they always wanted to keep the player.null

“By the end of July, they had a feeling around Lukaku that there was a chance to sign him. Inter were saying it was impossible to sign Lukaku and they always said he was untouchable. He was acting like the king of Milan: ‘I love the city, I want to stay here’. It was the position of everyone involved in the situation.

By the end of July, Chelsea felt something was going to change because of Inter’s financial situation. They felt Inter were open to selling Lukaku.

They said, ‘let’s go on Lukaku’ because they can’t sign Haaland now and [they] can sign Lukaku with an interesting bid.”

Chelsea FC, who finished fourth and won the Champions League last season, will kick off their new Premier League campaign with a home clash against Crystal Palace on Saturday

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